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How often should I get my windows cleaned?
For residential it is recommended at least semi-annually. For commercial it is recommended on a monthly basis.

How much does window cleaning cost?
Window cleaning varies based on size of windows, difficulty, height, number of windows, and many other factors. Commercial window cleaning starts at $35 and residential window cleaning starts at $150.

Can you clean windows in rain or snow?
We can clean in the rain and snow. A common misconception is that rain and snow get the windows dirty, but actually they are almost pure of contaminants, so they will not spot your glass. The wind is usually the main cause of your windows becoming dirty as it kicks up dirt and other contaminants that hit the glass.

Why should I get my window screens fixed?
Damaged window screens are the number one way bugs enter your home, so it is a very cheap alternative to having an exterminator come.

When should I get my window screens fixed?
Window screens should be fixed if the frame is bent, causing a gap, or if there are any holes or tears in the mesh. Discoloration of the mesh is also another common reason to get your window screens repaired.

When should I get my gutters cleaned?
Experts say you should have your gutters cleaned once or twice a year. It really depends on where you live though, because most of the debris that enters your gutters is from falling from trees, so that is a good judgment on how often you should have them cleaned.

What is your window cleaning process?
For a general window cleaning we scrub the glass, use a non-scratch abrasive to remove any heavy particulants, then we squeegee the glass, detail the 4 edges, wipe the window frame and sill, as well as the track if we are doing the interior.

How does the window screen repair service work?
Here at Dakota Wash Pros we go above and beyond, so we will come to your home or business to pick them up. We will then repair them at our shop, and when we are all done we will come back and reinstall the screens so you don’t have to lift a finger.

What is your gutter cleaning process?
We will extract the debris from your gutters either by hand or with a vacuum and collect all materials in bags. After we have all the major debris we can pickup out of the gutters, we will them wash out the entire gutter system to totally clean it like new. We do not use a pressure washer for this as it can shove water in unwanted areas and cause damage to your home.

What is the Dakota Wash Pros Difference?
The Dakota Wash Pros Difference simply put is to treat our customers as we would our mom. If we see a problem not only with what we are working on, but with other areas of your home (i.e. siding peeling off the house) we will let you know about it so that any other problems can be taken care of.

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